19 Creative Ways To Reuse Boxes

With a little imagination and a few boxes in different sizes, you can decorate your home and make some practical items without spending a lot of money, while taking care of the environment. Learn more in this article!
19 creative ways to reuse boxes

Recycling has become one of the best habits for reducing excess waste. Although we have become accustomed to calling certain materials “garbage”, you can recycle to reuse cans in a variety of ways.

While some still do not realize how important it is, those who recycle contribute to reducing waste that harms the environment. This also applies to metal boxes that are used to store food, you can reuse boxes and turn them into works of art and objects that are useful around the home.

In today’s article, we will share 19 creative ideas so you can start reusing boxes from now on.

Give them a try!

Reuse boxes for candlesticks

candle holders

Containers for tea, spices and other similar products can become delicate candlesticks.

Put in a candle of a suitable size, or fill the box with candles and make one yourself.

2. Recycled Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Do you want to make an environmentally friendly Christmas tree ? Try making one with boxes of several different sizes. Paint them the colors you want and decorate along the way.

3. Lanterns for the garden

Take several cans, make a few small holes in the sides, and put in candles to create some soft and romantic lighting for your garden.

4. Flower pots


Reusing boxes can also turn them into beautiful and delicate pots for small indoor plants. Make a few holes for drainage in the bottom, paint them and plant whatever you want.

5. Cutlery holders


Instead of spending large sums on sorting drawers, decorate several small boxes and use them for the same purpose.

6. Storage

With this simple step, you can encourage the habit of saving even the smallest container of leftover food in your home.

Kids will love it!

7. Bird feeder

Another interesting way to reuse boxes in the garden is by making some lovely hanging bird feeders. Paint them in different colors and hang them in strategic places where the birds can reach them.

8. Holder for pens and crayons


There are many ways to turn these boxes into holders for stationery in the office. You can decorate them with printed paper or paint them in different colors.

9. Decorative suspension

All you need to do to make a nice hanger is to collect several tuna boxes and some decorative materials. Make a small hole, add a string and use them as tealight holders for a special occasion.

10. Lace decoration


With a little lace, you can make some elegant holders for special occasions.

11. Wine bottle storage

A little paint and a dose of creativity can create a bottle holder for your kitchen. Cut the bottom of the boxes, fasten them together with a little strong glue, and place the new bottle storage on the kitchen counter.

12. Wedding decorations

Metallic paint, lace and flowers are the perfect decorations to turn these boxes into wedding decorations. Use your creativity and you will have some elegant and eco-friendly decorations.

13. A small grill

Do you want to go on a picnic and do not have a barbecue? Bring a medium-sized or large can, add a few slits on one side, and turn it into a small temporary grill for frying food.

14. Cake cutter

baking tin

Save on some cans in different sizes to use as cake cutters in the kitchen. They can also be used to cut biscuits and other baked goods.

15. Collection for small items

If you put several tuna boxes inside a box, you can create a simple storage for the little things that are often easily messed up.

16. Needle pillow

needle pad

Do your sewing needles and pins disappear easily? Say goodbye to this problem with this simple, practical needle pad.

17. Storage container for plastic bags

Plastic-lined boxes are useful for storing bags, cloths and other similar items. Make a small cut in the lid, decorate the box and store it in a place for easy access.

18. Vases with different shapes


Beer and soda cans can be transformed into interesting vases or decorations. Because these boxes are easier to handle, you can bend and shape them to give them a personal style.

19. Towel rack for the bathroom

With a little paint or some paper you will be able to turn boxes into nice towel rails in your bathroom. Attach them to a plank, paint them and place them in the bathroom near the sink.

Do you like these simple recycling ideas? We encourage you to put them into practice and test your creative skills.


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