5 Home Media For An Odorless Kitchen And Bathroom

In addition to cleaning, a well-ventilated bathroom and kitchen is one of the keys to avoiding the accumulation of bad odors.
5 home remedies for an odorless kitchen and bathroom

Everyone wants a home without bacteria and bad smells. But that’s easier said than done. When we cook, steam adheres and remains to surfaces. And this is just the beginning of unpleasant aromas at home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

So how can you deal with bad odor in the bathroom? Easy. Just make some home remedies to have a fresh smell in both the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen is one of the busiest and most used areas in the house. All kinds of vapors condense there, some pleasant and others not.

Waste composts and the dirt layer, sometimes invisible, can be a risk to physical and mental health.

In the bathroom, the main enemy is moisture. The room is closed, with little ventilation, there are wet towels that are anything but odorless.

The majority of conventional air fresheners harm the environment. However, there are some tricks we can use at home to deodorize the rooms.

Tips for an odorless kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen that smells

Before, during and after cooking, it is necessary to ventilate the room. And, of course, throw out the trash. Afterwards, it is important to make sure that strong odors are not caught.

So, it helps to turn on the extractor fan. In addition, you should follow one or more of these practical and simple tips:

  • Infusions : In the kitchen we have good allies, including vinegar, baking soda and orange or clementine peel. It is enough to put the peel in water and boil them for a few minutes to achieve the desired effect.
  • Lemon : You can put lemon peel in a container of water and put them in the oven or microwave to eliminate the smell of fried foods. You can also put lemon in oil to absorb the odors. In addition , lemon juice helps to remove and wash away kitchen grease.
  • Spices : cloves, cinnamon and vanilla help to remove moisture from the room. Cinnamon has a relaxing, sweet effect and vanilla essence mixed with a little water can be used to clean furniture and floors.
  • Coffee : Whole coffee beans banish bad smells. Just place coffee beans in the corners of the kitchen. Coffee releases a pleasant aroma that spreads throughout the home.
  • Plants : Some plants such as thyme, rosemary, mint and basil, planted in small pots, give a natural aroma.
  • Homemade air freshener : You can have infusions of spices in a spray bottle and use them easily. Citrus fruits (orange or lemon), for example, go very well with cinnamon and clear vinegar.
  • Cleaning : Try to clean the refrigerator regularly. You can renew the air by putting a lemon or orange split in half inside the refrigerator.

Goodbye to the bad smell in the bathroom

Clean bathroom

It is not enough to have a beautiful, comfortable home if there is a bad smell in the bathroom. To compensate for this situation, it should be cleaned frequently.

You can use some home media:

  • Stop moisture : Having a good smell in the bathroom will depend on the most important factor in preventing moisture. For this purpose, you can put a few small portions of rice, chalk or vegetable charcoal in a container.
  • Towel drying: It is important to hang them up after each use, because putting them away wet gives them a bad smell. It is recommended that you change them once a week: wash them and soften them with a little vinegar instead of fabric softener.
  • Perfumes the room with natural essences:  Dried flower petals are ideal for giving a delicious scent in the room. Mix them and put them in a bowl or small bag. Their scent can be enhanced with a little alcohol or rose essence.
  • Orange or lemon peel is also useful for this part of the house, especially accompanied by coarse salt.
    Take advantage of baking soda: This product is an excellent odor neutralizer. You can use it to spray on curtains, rugs, shelves and even shoes that retain moisture.
  • Use vinegar : vinegar, in addition to getting rid of odors, also makes the tiles clean and shiny. It stops and eliminates the production of fungi and mold, which is common in this area.

Achieving a good smell in the kitchen and bathroom is not that complicated. The key is to clean and make good use of all available resources; they are cheap solutions that give satisfactory results.

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