5 Smoothies Against Constipation

Most of the fruit’s fiber is in the peel. You should therefore have fruit peel in your smoothies as often as you can, to get all the health benefits.
5 smoothies against constipation

There are many natural remedies that can help you with constipation. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways is to choose foods you like, which promote good digestion. Make sure you eat them every day.

In today’s article we will show you some tasty smoothies that you can drink all day. These will help the intestines function optimally and thus help to fight constipation. They also have many other healing properties.

Smoothie is better than juice for constipation

Although both natural juices and smoothies are very healthy, since they contain many vitamins and minerals, you should choose smoothies if you are struggling with constipation. This is because they contain fiber from fruits. This gets lost in the juice process.

This is also the reason why smoothies are more filling. You can use them as breakfast or snack. They are tasty, healthy and help you avoid sugar and white flour.

Use honey as a sweetener

If you need to sweeten these smoothies a little, leave the white sugar on the shelf. It is toxic to your health. Try a natural sweetener that also contains laxative properties, acacia honey. If you do not find this variant, you can choose another type of natural honey or syrup made from natural fruit or grains.


Kefir and prunes for constipation

Kefir is a type of fermented yogurt that contains the many benefits of regular yogurt, plus a little extra. It is easier to digest because it contains less lactose and it promotes the good intestinal bacteria. You can buy it in regular stores or make it yourself using fermented milk.

Prunes are rich in calcium and are excellent for preventing osteoporosis. They also contain a lot of fiber and are well known to be one of the best foods for constipation. If you have the opportunity, leave them in water overnight.

3-chia smoothie

Oats and dates against constipation

Unlike rice milk, which can cause constipation in some people, oat milk is rich in a fiber that strengthens the intestines. In this smoothie you can use oat milk or a tablespoon of oatmeal that has been in water for a few hours.

Like many other dried fruits, dates contain a lot of fiber and energy. They are therefore an excellent choice for your breakfast smoothie. Oats give a creamy texture, while dates contribute sweetness.

Apple and kiwi against constipation

Apples have been used for both constipation and diarrhea. The secret lies in the peel, which contains most of the fruit’s fiber. But if you intend to use the peel, then make sure that there are organic apples free of pesticides.

You can use raw apples in this smoothie or cook them a little, which releases more flavor. Kiwi is traditionally eaten on an empty stomach to achieve the best laxative effect.

Yogurt and figs

If you can not find kefir, yogurt is a good alternative, even if it does not contain as many good enzymes. Try to find the most natural yogurt that does not contain added sugar, artificial colors and flavors.

Figs, whether fresh or dried, contain a lot of fiber and give this tasty smoothie natural sweetness.

4-banana smoothie

Hazelnuts and flaxseed

Finally, we will focus on nuts and seeds that are high in fiber. Use this with plant-based milk for the taste you want. Hazelnuts help regulate blood sugar.

In some health food stores you will find milk made from hazelnuts. This has a good taste and goes well with a little cocoa powder. Meanwhile, leave the flax seeds in water overnight. You can have both the water and the flax seeds in the smoothie. Have a handful of nuts and a teaspoon of flaxseed for each smoothie you make.

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