5 Tips To Reduce Leg Cramps

Both too much and too little exercise can cause cramps. Make sure you stretch every day so that your muscles are in shape. Learn more in this article!
5 tips to reduce leg cramps

Cramps are also called “muscle spasms”, and are involuntary contractions. They can easily cause intense pain. They can also make your muscles stiff. They usually occur in athletes and the elderly. However , anyone can suffer from them. Because of this, in this article, we will tell you how to reduce leg cramps.

Why do seizures occur?

5 tips to reduce leg cramps

There are people who wake up in the middle of the night with severe pain coming from the leg, foot or thigh. This is a very uncomfortable way to wake up. In most cases, night cramps are not bad for your health. You can reduce leg cramps and eventually prevent them with stretching and changes in your normal habits.

If muscle cramps are common and occur during the day, we recommend that you go to see your doctor. They can tell you what is causing the cramps and how to solve the problem.

There are several causes of seizures. However, the most important are related to:

  • Movements (or lack thereof)
  • Eating too little or too much of certain nutrients

When it comes to movements, we can divide seizures into two groups:

  • Those that occur due to too much exercise or effort (for example, athletes who do not stretch before exercising, or if you have worked hard around the house all weekend long).
  • They can also appear due to the opposite: If you have been sitting still for several hours a day. (This applies to office workers or those who have very sedentary habits).

When talking about nutrients, it is worth knowing several things. For example, dehydration can cause this problem. In addition, not eating good amounts of magnesium, calcium or potassium can cause cramps.

However, you must be aware. This is because seizures can occur if you take certain medications. These include diuretics, high blood pressure medications and beta blockers.

Among other reasons for muscle cramps (both during the day and at night) there are some diseases that stand out. These include diabetes and thyroid problems. This is because the metabolism has changed in both cases.

How can you reduce leg cramps?

The episodes can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. To reduce leg cramps, you need to massage the affected muscle. This will make it relax and stretch. When cramps occur in your leg, standing upright should be quite effective. Stretches and the use of ice or a heating pad are good remedies for these cases.

If you have had seizures more than once and you do not want them to reappear while you sleep, you must be aware of the following prevention methods:

Stay hydrated

5 tips to reduce leg cramps

It is very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Your body hydrates with this amount. This makes your cells and organs work as they should. The same thing happens with the muscles, tendons and blood. To avoid dehydration, you can also choose to drink other fluids. For example, you can drink herbal teas and natural juices.

Things change if you do physical activity or are out in the summer heat. In these cases, you should drink at least 12 glasses. You can also eat foods with a high water content. These include tomato, cucumber and spinach.


It does not matter if you play sports or not. You should always stretch your muscles well. You should do this at least once a day. This way you can reduce leg cramps at night and general muscle pain.

It is recommended to stretch before bed. You should always remember the physical possibilities of each stretch.

  • Sit on your bed, stretch your legs and lower your chest. The goal is to touch your feet with your hands (or to reach as close as possible).
  • Another exercise that can work for you is performed by standing upright. Place the right leg on the bed and stretch out by stretching it out. Move the chest to the right foot. Repeat with the other leg.



Even if you are just taking a short walk in the park or taking a walk with your dog, this may be enough to prevent seizures. Cycling, jogging or practicing yoga can be very useful activities.

This way, your muscles will be stronger and more mobile. Do not forget to stretch after you have completed your workout. In addition, you should make sure that you increase the difficulty of the activity for as long as you can.

Eat a balanced diet


Nutrition is the foundation of your health. As a result, if you eat well, you will be less likely to suffer from muscle spasms. Choose foods that are rich in potassium (bananas, for example) and magnesium (seeds are a good source of this nutrient). These will help you prevent this pain at night.

You should also eat healthy foods: fruits, vegetables and nuts. At the same time, you need to  stop eating refined flour, sugar and fried foods.

Wear good footwear


Many times cramps occur because you go wrong. For example, women who spend too many hours in high heels or those who do not have good footwear for exercise are usually affected by muscle cramps.

Try to choose shoes that allow you to support the bottom of your foot. Your legs should not make a big effort to lift your feet. Do not wear platform shoes, heavy shoes or shoes with small soles. It is better if they are closed. At the very least, they should not move when you walk.

Pay attention to your socks. If they are too tight, they block blood flow. This can tighten the muscles too much and make them more vulnerable to cramps.

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