7 Great Ways To Start The Day Without Stress And Anxiety

Why not try to get up a little earlier to meet the day with a little more positivity and less stress? This will give you more time so you do not have to rush. Learn more tips to start your day well!

It is very important that you can start the day in a positive way. Then you can reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.

Stress is a part of life. This natural feeling acts as a survival mechanism in humans: it prepares you to adapt much better to the daily challenges you face.

Try to remember that stress, when managed and controlled well, is actually positive: it gives you energy, strength and encouragement to solve problems and respond better to your small adversities in everyday life.

However, it becomes a problem when you stop controlling it, when it builds up and when your brain only sees danger.

Everyday stress builds up every day until it becomes chronic and leaves you completely defenseless and exposed to anxiety, muscle pain, headaches, high blood pressure

To prevent or minimize this, we suggest that you follow these 7 tips. These are 7 ideas to try in the morning. Choose the ones that best suit your needs so you can start your day in a healthier way.

7 positive ways to start the day

1. Get up a little earlier

It is not easy and taking an hour of your sleep is not something you can do every day. But try to give yourself half an hour extra.

There are many reasons why you should get up a little earlier, and you will find some of them a little surprising as well:

  • It will let you take it easy and not have to hurry (getting out of the house at full speed increases stress).
  • Getting up earlier and in a more relaxed way helps you to be more present, aware of the here and now.
  • You will be able to spend time on some simple exercises to help you deal with stress and anxiety.

2. Drink a glass of water in small sips

The key to dealing with daily stress is to slow down and develop a more complete, calm and intuitive awareness of your own needs.

You go through the day focused on external things : what others expect from you, what you still need to do, what you expect from yourself…

It is time to change your perspective and look inward into your body and soul. It must be cleaned and oxygenated.

One way to do this is to start the day by drinking a glass of water. Drink it slowly. You are not in a hurry.

Meditate for 5 minutes

Meditation improves the quality of life and is very good for your brain. It makes you relax, and gives you a chance to release tension, notice your inner self, and channel anxiety.

However, one thing you should know is that meditation requires daily practice.

You probably do not see your results the first week, but rather after a while when your mind has learned the art of disconnecting from the outside to connect to the inside.

Exercise for 10 minutes

You only need to take 10 minutes in the morning for this. Once you get up, drink that glass of water and meditate, there is nothing better than starting the day by doing some lunges, walking or jumping rope.

Choose what works for you and do not worry about whether it is a high intensity activity.

Your blood circulation will improve, your heart will be strengthened, and you will be able to face the side effects of stress more effectively.

5. Eat an anti-stress breakfast

You need to nourish your body if you want to start your day well.

Some foods, thanks to their high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, improve the immune system and thus help your body respond to stress properly.

The foods below can help you with this. Start including them in your breakfast:

  • Oatmeal
  • Oranges
  • Egg
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Blueberry
  • Walnuts
  • Chamomile tea

6. Visualize your day

A great strategy for meeting daily stress is to visualize your day. Decide how you want it to go. Think positive thoughts like:

  • Today I want a quiet day.
  • No one and nothing will disturb my inner peace.
  • I should be able to handle my day and nothing has the power to hurt me.
  • I know my strengths, I know what I’m worth, and no one and nothing will make me feel weak.
  • Today I want to have time to meet my responsibilities, but I also want to have time for myself, to be me, relax and do things I enjoy.

7. Let the house be a place of positive emotions

Think positive thoughts

That’s not stupid. Think about it. How often do you leave your house in a bad mood?

A discussion with your spouse, rushing your kids, or even your own thoughts on how this is going to be a horrible day… all of this definitely gives you stress.

Try to walk out the door with a good dose of positive emotions in your personal “backpack”.

Say goodbye to your family with an ” I love you “. These words stay in the heart and provide encouragement throughout the day.

Convince yourself that it’s going to be a good day, that you deserve to be happy. A calm mind encourages life balance.

Make an effort now to put these tips into practice!

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