7 Types Of Emotional Pain: Differences And Treatment

There is a lot of pain that can go away if you start to take your inner emotional world more into consideration and spend more time taking care of it.
7 types of emotional pain: Differences and treatment

Emotions have a great power over your body. In fact, if we do not express them at the right time, they become emotional pain that can become chronic.

The most common chronic pain affects areas such as:

  • Neck
  • The back
  • The head

We may also suffer from bruxism (gnashing of teeth), tachycardia, and stomach ulcers or other stomach problems.

There are various studies that support the relationship between emotional pain and physical health. A relationship has been found between chronic pain and stress or trauma that has not been overcome.

It is important to understand our inner world, to be able to deal with these feelings and not cover them with medication.

So you need to understand what emotional pain is causing your physical pain.

You can achieve this by connecting to your true identity and essence.

7 types of emotional pain

1. Toothache

This happens when you do not feel comfortable dealing with a situation or you can not find a way out of it.

You feel pressure and strain, and your emotional state can feed this pain.

  • Allow the energy to flow and do not fight the pain. Everything goes over, and everything changes.

2. Headaches

Woman with headache

Headaches can occur due to stress, but also due to not expressing emotions.

  • You should take the time to clear your head and let everything pass. Resting for a while or going for a walk are good options.

3. Neck pain

Neck pain occurs when we  hold on to bitterness, anger …  This is the reason why it feels inflexible.

  • It is important to forgive both yourself and others.

Neck pain can also occur when you have communication problems or you are struggling to get people to listen to you. This is closely linked with fear and lack of forgiveness and approval towards yourself.

4. Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can feel like a heavy load, like a backpack that you carry around with you, loaded with your own problems and the problems of others.

Remember that you cannot carry the whole world on your shoulders. Let others be responsible for their own problems.

It is important to think about yourself and this is the only way to minimize this load.

5. Stomach pain

This happens when you are in an uncomfortable situation and you are not able to digest what is going on in your life.

Unexpected situations may occur when you are not willing to surrender because you do not accept the changes.

  • It is important to accept others  and to admit that there are different ways of looking at life.
  • This way you can open up, become more tolerant and guaranteed to be happier.

6. Low back pain

Woman with low back pain

Low back pain can occur if you expect financial problems that can cause a lot of stress.

It can also appear if you feel responsible for other people who trusted you.

  • Another reason why this can happen is if you feel alone and that you can not delegate your responsibilities to others and you therefore feel a greater burden.
  • It is important to learn how to delegate responsibility  to avoid taking on everything yourself and thus live freely to be bound to something.

7. Pain in the hands

Our hands are the way we connect to the world.

If we suffer from pain in the hands, it can often represent  something you want, but must strive to achieve.

  • You feel that you cannot reach your lens yourself or you feel bound to a person or situation that you cannot let go of.
  • It is important to let go of the roof and let it go.

Recommended reading to cure emotional pain

1. Louise Hay

Happy and angry woman

In her book  You Can Heal Your Life,  Louise Hay talks about how poor management of your emotions can develop into illness, and some can become very serious.

If you listen to your body and learn to understand it, then you can find peace with yourself.

Then you will be able to forgive, love and be grateful… Thus, all these negative emotions that paralyze you and make you sick, can disappear.

2. Enric Corbera

In his books, lectures and Youtube videos, he maintains that the key to healing yourself is to  find the hidden emotion that generates the conflict and triggers the disease.

This author assures that as soon as we become aware and realize what this feeling is, healing will begin.

He also explains that it is important to change the irrational, limiting mindset that causes conflict between the brain and the heart. What I think, what I feel, what I do.

Materials like this can be very helpful in opening your mind and heart to new concepts.

Remember how important it is to be healthy and happy.

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