8 Bad Habits That Lead To Impaired Kidney Function

In addition to taking medication at random, other habits, such as consuming too much salt or not drinking enough water, can also be very harmful to the kidneys.
8 bad habits that lead to impaired kidney function

The kidneys are organs that work continuously to filter out the waste products that move through our blood. Today we are going to tell you more about the habits that lead to impaired kidney function.

Through the urine, the kidneys are able to eliminate a large amount of toxins  that come from food, the environment and medicines.

Like other systems in our body, the kidneys can actually lose efficiency  due to certain diseases.

The problem is that we do not pay much attention to them. We often ignore some habits that can lead to premature weakening  in some way.

Do you know what they are? Try to fix them today!

1. Restraining the urine leads to impaired kidney function

To retain urine

Some people avoid going to the bathroom when the body asks to go. While it may not seem like a big deal, or even necessary, the reality is that it can affect your kidney health.

  • Keeping the urine for a long time increases the level of inflammation in the urinary tract, which can lead to kidney disease.
  • This habit puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and can disrupt the process of eliminating waste.

2. Not drinking enough water

If we want our kidneys to function properly and undergo an optimal detoxification process, it is important to consume enough water and healthy fluids.

  • Fluids keep the body hydrated and help to collect the metabolic waste that is later released by the body through the urine.
  • A dehydrated body  can lead to inflammatory diseases, infections and kidney stones

3. Smoking

Smoking leads to impaired kidney function

People who smoke every day are aware of the dangers that the toxic content of cigarettes exposes them to.

  • These waste products are able to travel through the blood and affect not only the lungs, but also the heart and kidneys.
  • The accumulation of waste complicates the cleaning process in the kidneys and thus increases their susceptibility to infections.

4. Taking the wrong fluids

Drinking carbonated drinks, energy drinks and other commercially produced drinks  can be a cause of many diseases related to impaired kidney function.

  • These fluids contain too much sugar and too many additives that affect the metabolism, which ends up having a serious impact on kidney health.
  • Drinking them daily, or in large quantities,  can lead to kidney stones, inflammation and chronic kidney disease.

Excessive sodium intake leads to impaired kidney function

Too much salt impairs kidney function

Sodium is not only present in the table salt we have left in the kitchen. We also find concentrations of it in many foods we eat daily.

  • This substance, which is not harmful in moderation, builds up in the body and  increases fluid retention as well as the likelihood of kidney problems.
  • An unlimited intake of sodium, which tends to be quite common, is associated with high blood pressure and impaired kidney function.
  • Furthermore, given that it disturbs the balance between other minerals, it can lead to an electrolyte imbalance.

6. To take over-the-counter medications

Over-the-counter medications are useful for treating common health problems, such as headaches or back pain.

  • These drugs, especially painkillers, can have side effects that affect our kidneys.
  • The body needs to metabolize their chemical compounds. When we take them irresponsibly, they can have serious implications for the liver and kidneys .
  • Excessive use of medications such as aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen has been linked to renal impairment and kidney damage.

7. Eating too much protein

Kidneys and protein

Proteins are a recommended nutrient in our diet due to the role they play in the formation of muscle mass as well as metabolism.

Although they are essential, we should not consume too much of them, especially if they come from an animal source.

  • Excessive protein intake makes the work of the kidneys more difficult and can lead to chronic diseases.

8. Having a sedentary lifestyle leads to impaired kidney function

People with a sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of suffering from kidney disease compared to those who maintain an active lifestyle.

  • First, people with a sedentary lifestyle often have a poor diet, which makes the job of the kidneys more difficult.
  • The lack of physical activity affects blood circulation and prevents the elimination of retained fluids.
  • Furthermore, this type of lifestyle increases the risk of high blood pressure and affects the immune system, which in turn increases the risk of diseases.

Are you worried about your kidney health? If you are one of those who do some of these habits yourself, you can try to change them so that you do not have to suffer the consequences at a later date.

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