8 Tips For A Better Attitude

In addition to looking bad and causing back or head pain, poor posture can lead to more chronic and lasting problems such as chronic fatigue, herniated discs, and poor body alignment.
8 tips for a better attitude

There are many causes of poor posture, but fortunately they all have a solution as long as we give them the right attention:  overweight, low muscle tension, or the wrong position when walking or sitting for a long time can be solved if one is willing to do so. Today we will give you 8 tips for a better attitude.

A stable, aesthetic attitude is what keeps your body balanced while using as little energy as possible. To get a better posture, it is very important to keep the spine from going sideways or bending, without it becoming what we all know as a “humpback” on the upper part or a “tail” on the lower part.

Tips for a better attitude

Look at yourself in the mirror

It is very useful to stand in front of a mirror where you can see your whole body while correcting your posture. If you are ready, remember to distribute the weight evenly between both feet and put your shoulders back so that they stay at the right level.

You know you have the right posture when you can see a straight imaginary line going from behind one ear to your shoulder, then behind your hip, knee and ankle.

Stand against the wall

back pain

Another easy way to adopt the correct posture is by placing your back and buttocks against the wall. To know if you have a good posture, simply push your hand between your hips and the wall. If your hand does not fit or it is tight, this means that your posture is too straight. On the other hand, if there is a lot of space, this means that you have posture problems.

Sit down

Make sure your back is straight, your shoulders back and down, and your soles are planted on the floor. Remember that it is not good to cross your feet for a long time, as this can block blood circulation and cause them to swell or get varicose veins.

Stand up

The chest should be up and the abdomen activated, because the abdominal muscles are the ones that help you stay stabilized. Your body weight should be split between both feet and your knees should be slightly bent.



Keep your head up and your neck straight. You should avoid looking down on the ground for a long time, as this can lead to neck pain. Be sure to walk with the heel first and then the toes.

Sleeping position

The best position for sleeping well is on the side and with the legs slightly retracted. This position helps you keep your spine in the correct position and facilitates breathing and annoying snoring.

Sit on the edge of a chair


To keep your posture correct, for example when you have a job interview, many experts recommend that you sit on the edge of the chair so that your back stays straight and so that you can not rest and relax on the back of the chair. To keep your balance with a good posture, you can put one foot under the chair and put the other in front of you.


Exercise is the key to stretching the muscles and keeping them in an optimal condition, which is important for maintaining a better posture. We recommend, among other things, walking, running, swimming, or doing stretching exercises. Always take care of your attitude.

It is also very important that those who sit for a long time take a break to stretch the muscles and see if they have a good posture. Those who have to stand upright for a long time should do the same.

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