Appreciate People Now, Not When You Lose Them

Throughout our lives, we lose many loved ones, and we are not just talking about death. We have said goodbye to many important people who have crossed our paths. Whatever the reason, they have drifted away so that they are no longer a part of us now.
Appreciate people now, not when you lose them

Instead of missing people or things when we have lost them, we must learn to enjoy and appreciate them while we have them by our side. Appreciate people now, not when you lose them.

When you lose someone, you go through a period where you reflect on it to try to find a reason for what happened. The way we get through this process and the conclusions we draw will help us face the future.

We invite you to reflect a little on this.

Appreciate people and offer the best of yourself


On our page, we have often mentioned the need to move on. Leaving complicated relationships can make us feel more unhappy than balanced.

There is something as important as leaving something that hurts. It is to know how to offer the best of yourself to people you love “here and now”, without waiting until tomorrow and without expectations.

  • Society is based on speed and fragility in relationships.  We want everything, and we want it now. We do not always tolerate frustration. Or getting a “no”, or that some things are different than we expected.
  • In recent years, there has been an interesting social movement that is referred to as “Slow” which emphasizes the importance of slowing down. That we take the time to live with our relationships more fully, by appreciating the most basic and simple things in life.
  • With a focus on work, the need to improve ourselves and to get and collect things, it makes us forget the value of this pure love and the important part of our personal relationships.
  • If we continue to live with this lifestyle, we will end up losing everything that we really see as important. And no matter what you lose, it will be a wound that you will always have to carry in your heart.
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  • Haste is the greatest enemy of full consciousness. It is an attitude towards life that prevents you from slowing down. Appreciate people and everything you have around you in your life.
  • Strong bonds are strengthened by true love, retribution, and recognition. If people around you do not feel this way, then you risk losing them. Conditions must be nurtured and cared for. It’s worth slowing down and looking at what’s in front of you.

Be aware of what is important

  • Life is knowing how to maintain balance and be able to refocus your attention, motivation and interests on things that enrich your life, not materially, but emotionally.
  • There is no need to think, “live as if it will not come one day tomorrow” or “hug the children hard, as if this is the last time you will ever see them. “We can not fall victim to these fatalistic thoughts, it is simply a matter of allowing ourselves to enjoy the present to the extent possible.
  • Loss will always be experienced with suffering. Even when separation is necessary, we go through a time of self-awareness where we heal many of our wounds. So, to prevent such situations, we must be prepared.
  • We must realize that nothing in this life lasts forever. We are passengers for a little while in a world of uncertainty.
  • If existence is a cruel betrayal of misfortune, it is worth taking advantage of what you can control. If you love someone, take care of them and show them your feelings.  That way they will always be by your side.

Care and attention

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We are not just talking about romantic relationships. All relationships need care and attention: give your children your attention, care and respect so that they will be there by your side as adults.

Do the same with your friends and other family members.

Appreciate people while you have them. If you do not, you can regret it if you lose them.

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