Are Obesogens The Biggest Enemy Of Your Diet?

Obesogens are often found in plastics and when they spread to food they can endanger hormonal health. With that in mind, we want to answer the following questions: Are obese people the biggest enemy of your diet?
Are obesogens the biggest enemy of your diet?

Obesogens are artificial substances that interfere with the normal functioning of the hormonal system. As a result, they can lead to obesity or obesity. With that in mind, obesogens can be the biggest enemy of your diet.

This type of substance increases the risk of weight gain. Moreover, their effects are even more harmful when they occur in the early stages of life and continuously. In addition, they may be related to the increased risk of developing other types of diseases.

Phthalates as obesogens

Phthalates are a number of compounds that are added to certain products that we use regularly. In themselves they are not toxic and the liver is able to break them down. Nevertheless , they can have certain negative effects on our health. This is especially true in the case of weight gain.

A study published in the journal Chemosphere found that exposure to this type of compound in pregnant women caused low birth weight in infants. However, it is also associated with a greater risk of weight gain in later stages, including adulthood.

We find these substances mainly in cosmetic products, plastic articles and cleaning products. They can affect the endocrine system and hinder its function.

Cosmetics without chemicals.

Bisphenol A

This chemical compound is often present in plastics, in addition to soda cans. The risk is that it can sometimes spread from the packaging to the food or drink it contains. As a result, it can enter the human body when we eat or drink.

Articles like this one published in the journal Environmental Health associate exposure to this type of compound with metabolic pathologies. In fact, these drugs are able to promote the occurrence of diabetes and high blood pressure, with all the negative effects that these diseases have on our health.

Many empty plastic bottles.

Other obesogens: Tobacco smoking

Smoking tobacco also falls into the category of obesogens. In this case, the compound may contribute to the increase in cancer development, according to a study published in Cancer Prevention Research. In fact, both smokers and passive smokers may experience hormonal disorders that have a negative impact on their health.

How to avoid this type of drug?

When it comes to taking care of your health, it is much more than just paying attention to what you eat. You must also be aware that the packaging may contain a number of harmful substances.

Therefore, whenever possible you should choose foods that are produced organically and that do not use large amounts of plastic in the packaging. Another useful strategy is to avoid refilling plastic water bottles and replacing them with glass or stainless steel bottles or containers.

Similarly, there are certain factors that are difficult to control. For example, environmental pollution or exposure to secondhand smoke is not always something you can avoid.

It is therefore important that you increase your intake of foods that have antioxidant properties. Substances of this type are capable of combating damage to cellular DNA. In addition, they also improve hormonal function.

Obesogens are the biggest enemy of your diet

The relationship between unused goods and health is not entirely clear. However, experts believe that these products have negative implications for our body. Weight gain and obesity are not the only reasons why obesogens are the biggest enemy of our diet. They can actually lead to a number of serious diseases.

It is therefore best to avoid them as much as possible. To do this , you should consume foods that come from organic sources and never reuse disposable plastic. In addition, you should read the labels carefully when it comes to choosing cosmetics to ensure that they do not contain any of the above substances.

Similarly, keep in mind that it is difficult to eliminate exposure to such products completely. In fact, it is almost impossible. Therefore, it is important that you adjust your diet to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to prevent oxidation.

In addition, a good diet will help the hormonal system to function properly. At the same time, it will reduce the markers associated with poor metabolic health.

At the same time, regular exercise also plays a crucial role in this process. Combining physical activity with proper nutrition is an excellent way to promote good health.

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