Does It Help To Skip Dinner To Lose Weight?

Eating late dinners is one of the main reasons why people gain weight. However, skipping dinner is not a good idea. Learn more about how your eating habits can affect your weight in this article.
Does it help to skip dinner to lose weight?

Many people choose to skip dinner when trying to lose weight. However, the answer to the question of whether skipping dinner leads to weight loss is a bit complicated. This is because it depends on what you eat, whether you have eaten before and how often you eat.

However, it is always wise to eat every meal during the day  as you should not stop eating to lose weight. You should instead make sure that the food you eat is healthy.

You can eat a salad, grilled chicken or fish fillet for dinner without gaining weight. However, if you decide to skip dinner but eat fatty meals of low nutritional quality during the day, you will definitely gain more weight than if you ate any of the dishes we mentioned above for dinner.

If you do not skip dinner, but eat a nutritious and healthy snack, the difference between skipping dinner or not will not matter much. However , the foods you eat for dinner are not the same as those you can eat as snacks in the afternoon. So if you prefer this option you have to make sure you eat healthy snacks.

It is better to eat as early as possible instead of skipping dinner

A woman adding olive oil to a salad.
Although skipping dinner may seem like a good choice, it is actually better to eat this meal. The important thing is that you choose nutritious foods with low calorie content.

Magazines such as The New York Times have drawn attention to the Spanish people’s custom of eating dinner after noon. 22:00. Although the debate about the time change in Spain is a topical issue, this country has not chosen to take the last step to synchronize its working hours with the planet’s logical rhythm.

On the other hand, eating late dinners is a key factor that can lead to weight gain. In fact, the results of a study by Spanish researchers published in the International Journal of Obesity confirmed the benefits of eating earlier. The University of Louisiana also published other results that supported this theory.

Tips for losing weight without skipping dinner

There is no specific rule to decide what the perfect dinner to lose weight is, as it all depends on each person’s taste and willpower. A common denominator, however, is that it is best to choose lean proteins and vegetables; fish over meat as well as cooked vegetables and fruits.

Salads are not always a good choice

A healthy salad.
Salads are a good choice for a light and healthy dinner. However, you should avoid calorie-laden recipes.

Many salads contain many high-calorie ingredients. Sometimes it is better to eat fish with vegetables than to make a salad with an unhealthy dressing or other oils or sauces.

When it comes to healthy ingredients in a salad, it is recommended to include:

  • Lean protein.
  • Unsaturated fats such as olive oil or nuts (without overdoing it).
  • Seasonal vegetables.

Be careful with “light” products

The consumption of “light” or “low-calorie” products is becoming increasingly popular. However, professionals indicate that these products, or the menus that include them, are not designed by nutritionists. There is therefore no guarantee that consuming them daily for weight loss is the best choice.


If you are trying to lose weight , the first thing you need to do is establish dietary guidelines that cover your calorie and nutritional needs. It is also recommended that you try to eat dinner earlier.

It is therefore not a good idea to skip dinner. You should try to eat five meals a day as well as distribute the nutrients properly. The famous saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man” is quite accurate. In fact, it tells you that it’s a good idea to eat light, healthy dinners.

Finally, do not forget to perform at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day as well as drink plenty of water. This is the key to losing weight!

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