Dropping Breakfast Can Lead To Weight Gain

No, eating breakfast does not make you put on more weight. In fact, breakfast helps to start the metabolism so you burn fat even before the day has started properly. Breakfast will provide you with the energy you need to cope with the day.
Dropping breakfast can lead to weight gain

According to the Spanish Food Safety Authority AECOSAN, almost 30% of the population skips breakfast, and prefers coffee or the like when they arrive at work. Surprising, or what? What is even more disturbing is that only 3% of children eat a healthy breakfast regularly.

Most of us – children included – limit ourselves to a glass of milk and a simple slice of bread for breakfast, preferably with something sweet as a topping. What is sweet tastes good and allows you to leave the house with some energy. So what is the long-term result of such a diet ? Day by day, the population is becoming more and more overweight.

Another misconception that we are going to correct today is the belief that dropping breakfast makes it easier to lose weight. In today’s article, we want to explain what can happen to the body if you drop the first meal of the day. Hopefully this information will make you make the right choices from today.

When you skip breakfast, you promote weight gain

The reasons for dropping breakfast you almost always hear fall into the following categories:

  • In a hurry
  • Ate a great dinner yesterday
  • Will lose a few pounds

If these reasons sound familiar, you should understand what consequences such a “fast” can have on your health.

  • Starting the day without food is associated with low energy, poor intellectual performance, exhaustion and bad mood. Did you know that the brain uses about 20% of your total energy to function properly? Therefore, you feel weak and get a headache if you do not get enough nutrition and vitamins.
  • Those who skip breakfast often suffer from constipation.
  • Dropping breakfast forms what health experts call “the metabolic syndrome”, that is, a accumulation of fat, usually in the abdominal region. When the body feels that it is lacking in nutrients, it activates an enzyme that stores fat. The body therefore accumulates fat rather than losing fat when you skip breakfast. The abdominal region is particularly vulnerable.
  • Belly fat can lead to high levels of triglycerides, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. All of these diseases can, in the worst case, lead to serious cardiovascular disease.
  • According to an interesting study conducted by Harvard University’s School of Public Health in Boston, USA, men who leave the house without eating breakfast or who are content with just a cup of coffee have a higher risk of having a heart attack.

As you can see, dropping breakfast is  risky. Not only does it weaken your metabolism; it also leads to fat accumulation on various body parts. So make sure you  eat lunch!

Six healthy breakfast tips that do not give weight gain

Skipping breakfast

1. Eat whole wheat

Oats, for example, are one of the healthiest breakfast options. Oatmeal together with apples and grapes is an exquisite combination. Rye bread is another good alternative. Organic plum jam and freshly squeezed orange juice are treats you love or will come to love!

2. Try some protein – were you surprised now?

You probably already know how important protein is for building and strengthening muscle mass. What good is a weight loss if the skin hangs and dangles from the legs? A healthy breakfast should have a proportion of protein, such as a hard-boiled egg. Eggs with a little olive oil are delicious. You can also make a simple spinach omelette.

3. Milk, tea or coffee?

We recommend that you try vegetable milk made from almonds, oats, rice and other nuts. It is lactose free for the intolerant and provides a lot of energy. It can also act as milk in coffee, or in green tea. Easy as pie!

4. Eat fruit

Do you know which fruit is the best option? The one you like best, of course. Whether it is green apples, pears, kiwi or strawberries, papaya or pineapple… Ideally, you should always buy fresh fruit, and if you are wondering whether to buy a fruit juice instead, you should keep in mind that most juices in the store have added sugar. Then it is better to take a jab of a natural and real fruit, with the peel or skin on.

5. Do not forget nuts!

You can eat a handful of nuts every day. Nuts are rich in magnesium and healthy fatty acids, such as omega-3.

6. Say “yes” to probiotics

One of the best breakfast options is Greek yogurt without added sugar. It triggers the metabolism and fills the gut with healthy bacteria that improve digestion.

Then you know it… Do not leave the house without having eaten breakfast first!

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