Easy Ways To Clean Your TV

If you are going to clean your TV, it is very important to pay attention to the material it is made of so that you do not damage the screen with the wrong type of cleaning products.
Easy ways to clean your TV

You sit and watch a good movie, and then you notice some spots on the screen. You try to keep watching the movie, but you only manage to focus on the dirt in front of you. You’re done watching movies this time, at least until you’m done cleaning your TV.

Cleaning a TV or PC monitor can be overwhelming and at times difficult. But it may simply be that we do not know how to do it in an easy, efficient and safe way where we do not damage the device.

It is common not to notice the residue left on the screen if you clean the TV while the screen is on. However, to prevent it from gradually collecting dust, it is essential to clean the screen once a week. This will prevent it from getting dirty and will result in you not having to use aggressive cleaning products.

How to clean your TV

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Here are some techniques you can use to clean your TV, and the steps you should follow:

Dry method

  • Unplug before you begin – your safety should come first.
  • If you have the user manual, read it carefully to learn which materials you work with and which cleaning products you can use.
  • Clean microfiber cloths are effective at collecting dust, so they are often used to clean glass. Furthermore, microfiber is optimal for cleaning without leaving residue and streaks. Many companies broadcast with a microfiber cloth along with the TV.
  • Avoid using paper or plain textiles. These materials are coarse and can easily scrape up plasma, LED or LCD screens.

Wet method

  • If you still have an old TV with a glass screen, you can easily clean it with a microfiber cloth dampened with glass cleaner.
  • Do not spray on the screens with liquid cleaning products. Instead, try cleaning them with a dry rag first. Ideally, screens should be cleaned with dry materials. Unless necessary, avoid using damp cloths.
  • Distilled water is often recommended for cleaning modern TVs. Furthermore, you should not use cleaning agents that contain strong chemicals such as alcohol or other abrasives, because you can easily damage the screen without realizing it.
  • If you have a TV in the kitchen, it is definitely dirtier because of all the steam and grease from cooking. For these difficult stains, put some vinegar on a microfiber cloth and wipe the TV with it.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the screen. Carefully clean the surfaces, as the materials used in today’s TVs are much more delicate than the old glass screens.
  • Use a lot of horizontal coats until the screen is clean and dry.
  • Finally, you need to look over the rest of the TV, such as the support and the back. A few coats are enough. You should always set aside the cloth you used on the screen and only use it for this purpose.

Remember to clean the TV carefully

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TVs have changed a lot over the years, and technological advances have given us high quality screens. This is how they allow us to watch movies and series we like in high resolution, and therefore in high detail. These devices come in several materials, but LED, LCD and plasma are the most common. The old TV with picture tubes has disappeared, and the new TVs no longer use glass as the main material.

Today’s screens are delicate and require special care. In addition, most TVs are now digital, so it is important to clean them more often. For this reason, it is best to use some of the tips we mentioned above to optimize the quality of our TV.

Finally, do not hesitate to use these tips on the rest of the screens in your house, as they also work for PCs, mobile phones, computers and tablets.

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