How To Drink Horseradish To Lose Weight?

Horseradish is a very effective slimming ingredient because it reduces fluid retention while stimulating detoxification of the body.
How to drink horseradish to lose weight?

Do you know how to drink horseradish, also called field snail, to lose weight?

In recent years, several slimming reel recipes have become popular. Although this plant has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes, it has gained fame as a supplement for those who want to lose weight.

Kjerringrokk ( Equisetum arvense ) is a plant belonging  Equisetaceae family. It is characterized by its 7 to 23 inch long round, coarse and ribbed stems. In addition, it is a plant that does not bloom.

From a nutritional point of view, it is known for its content of flavonoids, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals. It also contains salicylic acid, caffeic acid and other substances with diuretic, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why can this plant help you lose weight?

Although  it is not a miraculous fat remover, consuming it regularly can be beneficial to you in interesting ways. In this article, we will consider some of the characteristics and several simple recipes you can try to include in your diet, as well as how you can drink horseradish to lose weight.

The properties of horseradish that can help you lose weight

Woman wants to lose weight

There are many reasons why you should drink horseradish if you want to lose weight. This well-known herb has the ability to improve lymphatic and circulatory functions, and increases the processes that help remove fat deposits.

Its diuretic properties fight fluid retention, a condition that can lead to weight gain. It also promotes the detoxification of organs such as the kidneys and colon, which absorb toxins from the environment and the foods we eat.

Thanks to the many essential minerals it contains, it regulates electrolyte levels, especially in cases of dehydration. This plant also fights inflammation and re-mineralizes the muscles and bones.

How to drink horseradish to lose weight?

These recipes for weight loss with reels can be included in your regular diet plan. However, you should not replace your main meals with them, nor consume the plant in excess.

Here we share the most effective.

Horseradish tea


This classic slimming recipe with horseradish can help you during your weight loss journey to lose inches and fit your figure. Due to the concentration of nutrients, it is a great way to stimulate your metabolism and keep your heart healthy.


  • 1 teaspoon dry horseradish (5 g)
  • 1 cup water (250 ml)


  • Pour a teaspoon of horseradish into a cup of boiling water.
  • Cover the drink and let it steep for 10 minutes, then strain.

How to drink it?

  • Drink in the middle of the morning and again in the afternoon.
  • Drink  up to three cups a day.

Horseradish, artichoke and lemon drinks

In this recipe, the diuretic properties of horseradish are combined with the components of artichoke and lemon to help you lose weight effectively. This interesting drink detoxifies the body and improves liver function.

On the other hand, it favors the breakdown process of fat and alkalizes the body. Furthermore, it fights excess swelling and minimizes fat nodules that lead to cellulite on the legs, buttocks and abdomen.


  • 1 artichoke
  • 2 cups water (500 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons horseradish (30 g)
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice (5 ml)


  • Cut the artichoke into pieces and cook them in a saucepan with the water.
  • When it boils, lower the heat and add the horseradish.
  • After two to three minutes, remove from heat.
  • Then let it soak for 15 minutes and strain.
  • Serve the drink and add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

How to drink it?

  • Drink a cup on an empty stomach and again in the afternoon.
  • Drink horseradish for two weeks in a row, rest for two weeks, and repeat.

Infusion with reels and green tea

Infusion of horseradish and green tea

Green tea and horseradish are two of the best supplements for weight loss. Both ingredients increase both your metabolism and your energy consumption. Furthermore, they detoxify the body and remove the fluid effectively.

In fact, this natural drink stimulates blood circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It also fights bloating and constipation.


  • 1 cup water (250 ml)
  • ½ teaspoon dry field spoon (7 g)
  • 1 teaspoon  green tea  (5 g)


  • Boil a cup of water, and when it reaches boiling point, add field sprigs and green tea.
  • Lower the heat and remove the drink from the heat after five minutes.
  • Finally, let it soak and then strain off.

How to drink it?

  • Drink  in the middle of the morning, when you feel hungry.
  • If you want, drink again in the afternoon.

Contraindications to drinking horseradish

As with almost any dietary supplement, field buckthorn is safe when consumed in moderation over a short period of time. However , it is important to know about any side effects or contraindications:

  • Do not take it if you suffer from vitamin B deficiency or alcoholism.
  • Do not drink it too often as it may affect the kidneys.
  • Pregnant women and children should avoid it.
  • In case of liver and kidney diseases, it is best to consult a doctor before drinking these infusions.
  • People with high blood pressure or heart problems should not consume it.
  • Excessive consumption can cause diarrhea and stomach problems.

Do not hesitate to try reels today! As you can see, it is easy to cook and has many benefits .

Before drinking it, however, make sure that you do not belong to the group of people who should avoid it. If you are confident, start by including it in your diet today!

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