How To Keep The Pancreas Healthy

We have all heard of the pancreas, but few of us know how important it is to the body.
How to keep the pancreas healthy

In this article, we will explain what the pancreas does and how you can keep your pancreas healthy with the right foods and supplements.

What does the pancreas do?

The pancreas is located in the abdomen, between the abdomen and the spine. It has two main functions:

  • It secretes combustible enzymes into the small intestine. This is its main function and is vital for good digestion, especially the digestion of fat and protein.
  • It produces three types of hormones that are secreted into the bloodstream: insulin, which regulates metabolism and energy, glucagon and somotostatin.  These three hormones keep blood sugar stable.

Is your pancreas in good health?

Common diseases associated with the pancreas include pancreatitis, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and cancer. Your pancreas may have impaired function long before you develop one of these diseases. Here are some tips to help you assess whether you need to pay extra attention to this vital organ:

  • The health of the pancreas can affect the lips, appetite and sense of taste. If you notice changes at one of these points, you should pay extra attention to the gland, especially if you experience sweet cravings often or get hungry again quickly after a meal.
  • Although digestive problems and chronic constipation  are sometimes linked to other organs, they can be a sign that the pancreas is not working properly.
  • If you are thin but have a bulging stomach, it may be a sign that the gland has impaired function.

Foods that help keep the pancreas healthy

The best way to prevent disease and to keep your pancreas healthy is to have a healthy diet. This is especially true if there is a medical history in your family. Healthy foods keep blood sugar stable, which will make the pancreas work much easier.

  • Peas : Known as an “insulin vegetable”, and should be part of your diet.
Peas should be a part of your daily diet
  • Brewer’s yeast : This supplement is essential in our diet. Not only because it is good for the pancreas, but it also helps regulate the nervous system and is good for the hair, skin and nails.
  • Stevia: A natural sweetener that is completely calorie-free. In order to regulate blood sugar, it should be organic and not refined or processed.
  • Cinnamon: This spice should be a permanent addition to your diet. It can be used on fruits, yogurt and all kinds of desserts, as well as meat and other tasty foods.


Emotional problems

get out into nature

Every natural treatment should take into account everything that can affect our well-being. Therefore, we will talk about emotions  that affect the health of the pancreas.

People with an imbalance in the pancreas often suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which in the long run can manifest itself in rituals and mania. The person who suffers from it may not notice it, but it is noticed by others.

This can block the supply of energy to the pancreas.

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In addition to eating what we have mentioned above, it is also important to spend a lot of time outdoors and get in touch with nature. This can help you in relieving the obsessions that require a lot of energy.

Do not be afraid to get your legs dirty. Take a walk in the woods and fields, and you will notice that your body begins to relax when you experience the peace and harmony of nature. The pancreas will benefit from a natural and enjoyable treatment.




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