How To Renew The Body’s Energy In 15 Minutes

Setting aside only 15 minutes a day to massage your fingers can have tremendous benefits. It is important to focus on the fingers that represent the specific things that are bothering you
How to renew the body's energy in 15 minutes

Many traditional Japanese therapies have spread around the world as solutions to  several types of ailments. Although it is important to point out that many diseases require medical intervention and treatment, there are some ailments that these alternatives can alleviate. They often try to help you achieve a physical and mental balance, and they are based on controlling the interactions between these two elements. The effects can increase the body’s energy and control various stress-related symptoms, such as anxiety and other negative emotions.

It is among this type of alternative medicine that we find Jin Shin Jyutsu, or “The Art of the Creator through the empathic man”, developed by the wise Jiro Murai in 1900 with the goal of regaining the balance between soul and body through the hands.

It is based on the belief that everything in life contains a vital energy that represents its life force. This circulates through your body at different levels, and when it reaches a harmonious state it flows freely and unhindered.

What is Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapy?

2-Japanese technique

Jin Shin Jyutsu believes that the human body has three main channels of energy:

  • The central canal moves in a large oval that starts in the face, goes down towards the chest, then towards the abdomen, hips and finally moves up the spine to the head.
  • The other two channels are known as supervisory channels and begin within the knees.
  • The left auditory canal is responsible for controlling all the functions in that side of the body,  with a link to your past, logic and genetics.
  • The right channel controls the functions on that side, and has to do with the present, intuition and rebirth.
  • Finally, there are diagonal currents that harmonize the supervisory channels and organize your energy system.

The main goal of this method is to balance your physical and emotional states in order to achieve inner peace and peace with the universe.

How does this alternative treatment work for the body’s energy?

3-hand therapy

Jin Shin Jyutsu therapy focuses on channeling all the energy distributed throughout the body. It believes that each location on your hand has a special connection to one or more of your organs as well as your emotions. This means that through this technique you can renew your body’s energy and improve your physical health and emotional state.

How is it performed?

As we said above, each part of your hand represents a specific organ. To perform this treatment, gently hold one finger around the area you want to heal.

  • First, cross your arms and place your hands under your arms with your thumbs forward.
  • When you are in this position, take a deep breath and feel it flow from the bottom of your skull to your body and down to your thumbs.
  • Repeat the same action but feel the air sinking through your spine.
  • After performing this exercise, massage each finger for three minutes. Massage the left hand in the morning and the right hand in the evening.

Before massaging each finger, consider what you are doing and in what order it should be done.

4-hand massage

Thumbs up

The thumb represents your arms and abdomen. When both hurt, you may experience emotions such as depression and anxiety. Symptoms may also include nervousness, abdominal pain and headaches.

The index finger

This finger is connected to your kidneys and bladder, as well as emotions such as confusion and fear. Signs that manifest themselves include digestive problems, back pain and toothache.

The middle finger

Your middle finger is associated with liver and anger. You may experience migraines, vision problems or fatigue.

The ring finger

Your intestines and lungs are related to this finger, and there are also feelings of depression and pessimism. You may experience symptoms of indigestion, asthma and difficulty breathing.

The little finger

The little finger is related to the health of the heart and the small intestine. It also represents the attitude of pretending to be something you are not. By following this treatment, you can strengthen your concentration levels and organize your body’s energy to relieve various ailments.

You only need to spend 15 minutes a day, every day, to see the benefits.

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