Join A Dog To Fight Homesickness

When you are away from your loved ones, you will miss them. You think it’s impossible to live without them. But a study has shown that the best way to combat homesickness is to get a dog. Learn more in this article!
Join a dog to fight homesickness

Nostalgia is the pain or anxiety you feel after losing someone or something you have loved. According to Freud, when this happens, you think that part of yourself has left you with them. And then this feeling can make you go down, even to the point of depression. Therefore, it is a good idea to know how to combat homesickness and learn some strategies.

Popular culture has taught us that the best thing you can do when you lose someone is to look for something or someone that you can pour all this love on. But there are other, easier ways to deal with the situation than by replacing one love with another.

One is to have a pet or spend time regularly with a loving animal. Usually people choose a dog – after all, they are loyal and loving. Well, it turns out that this theory actually has a basis in science. A team of researchers at the University of British Columbia has proven it in this study.

In this study came students who had to move to university themselves over the separation better when they had a dog to fight homesickness.

The direct result of this was better professional performance.

Negative effects of homesickness

Homesickness makes you look too far back. The past is where the person you miss is, and it’s the place you long to return to. Therefore, things that happen in the present seem boring in relation to your idealized memories. And the future just seems like a confusing place far away. Somehow you still live in the “yesterday” you long for, and make today and tomorrow insignificant. So when your homesickness becomes a state of being instead of a place you visit from time to time, you forget your goals.

Nostalgia captures you at a certain age, and keeps you away from the special benefits that each scene in life offers. It’s not like you’re throwing them away; you do not see them.

In this sense, you are not giving your work or studies the attention they deserve, you are not thinking about what you really want, you are not experiencing this new journey with the passion you were hoping for when you started it. That is why it is so important that more studies are done in this field, especially for young adults.

Animal-assisted therapy helps fight homesickness

Join a dog to fight homesickness

The researchers collected information from 44 universities. They selected first-year students who indicated that they had homesickness and asked them to fill out a questionnaire to measure their homesickness and their connection to school life.

Then they chose a group to do animal-assisted therapy. The other group would wait their turn for eight weeks. The students who received the therapy were given 45 minutes each week with small groups of dogs to combat homesickness. After the eight weeks, the students filled in the same questionnaire from the beginning of the study again.

The results were brilliant: those in the first group reported much less homesickness and better mood. For the students who did not receive the treatment, their mood worsened. The individual stories of these students were positively impacted, but it can also make a difference in your story as well.

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