Learn How To Make A Milk And Gelatin Mask To Remove Blackheads

Although there are commercial masks that can help you get rid of blackheads, the natural ingredients in this recipe give you several benefits and are milder on your skin.
Learn how to make a milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads

Blackheads occur when the skin produces too much oil and accumulates dead skin cells. They are small blockages in your pores that pimple. They usually appear in the “T-zone” in your face (forehead, nose and chin) and in your cheeks. In this article we will share a recipe for a milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads. Its properties not only make it possible to  get rid of these blackheads, but they will also provide your skin with healthy nutrients.

Give this mask a try!

The appearance of blackheads is related to a lack of facial hygiene. However, they are more common in people who have hormonal imbalances. Many times they are also a reaction to the daily use of cosmetics. Although not always visible, makeup usually leaves chemical residue on the surface of your skin. Whatever the cause, there are  treatments to remove blackheads and allow you to have a face that looks soft and healthy.

A milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads

This milk and gelatin mask is a natural treatment. It encourages the removal of blackheads, dead skin cells and other impurities. This means everything that is collected on the surface of your skin.

This mask’s combination of ingredients encourages balance in the activities of the sweat glands. This is the key to reducing sweat production. It has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote the beauty of the skin. It does this by preventing the early appearance of wrinkles and problems such as acne.

Using this mask regularly keeps your skin smooth and hydrated. This is because it works in the same way as other exfoliating products sold with the same purpose.

The benefits of gelatin

milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads

Gelatin is a natural ingredient commonly used in cooking as a base for desserts and to thicken some recipes. It is known for its high content of essential nutrients, especially proteins. These give you many health benefits.

What some people do not know, however, is that it is also beneficial for your skin. This is not just because it supports the skin’s regeneration process. In addition, it also helps preserve the skin’s levels of collagen. This prevents premature signs of aging.

It has firming, cleansing and hydrating properties. Because of these properties, gelatin will  tone your skin while removing impurities that remain in your pores. This is largely due to the thick texture. Gelatin sticks without causing problems. At the same time it helps with the removal of blackheads.

The benefits of milk

milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads

Applying milk to your face regularly helps you balance the pH level in your skin.  In addition, it also reduces excessive oil production and buildup of dead skin cells.

The high content of lactic acid, as well as vitamins and minerals, help the cellular regeneration process. In addition, it cleans blocked pores. The milk’s refreshing effect is perfect for soothing irritation and redness. This is especially true for those who tend to suffer from chronic acne.

How do you make this milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads?

milk and gelatin mask to remove blackheads

Making this milk and gelatin mask is quite simple. In addition, it is very cheap to make if you compare it with the high prices of products sold to combat skin problems.

It can be used on all skin types. This is because it does not cause any changes in the pH level or excessive dryness. It can also be used as a supplement to peels, as it also gets rid of dead skin cells.


  • 2 tablespoons non-flavored gelatin
  • 4 tablespoons milk


  • Put unflavoured gelatin in  a microwave-safe container. Mix in the four tablespoons of milk.
  • Put the mixture in the microwave and let it heat for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After this time, check and see if the mixture is  cold enough to be applied. If it is, apply the mask.
  • If you want the mixture to be thinner and easier to apply, add more milk.


  • Take off all makeup. Wash your face with warm water and a neutral soap.
  • Spread the mask all over your face. Focus on the areas that suffer from blackheads.
  • Let it dry for 40 minutes  before removing it. Start at the edges and work your way inwards.
  • To end the treatment, apply a face cream or moisturizing tonic.
  • Use this mask  up to three times per week.

Are you ready to try it? If you are starting to notice that blackheads are starting to take away the beauty from your skin, make this simple mask. Say goodbye to them once and for all!

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