New Surprising Uses For Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is in the kitchen of millions of people around the world. They choose this oil for its pleasant taste and usefulness. But do you know of all the benefits and uses of olive oil?
New surprising uses for extra virgin olive oil

Chances are good that you have a bottle standing, and that you do not have a clue in all the ways you can use it in different situations. We want you to know how nice a little olive oil can be for your health, your beauty and to take care of your hem. In today’s article we will share 10 of its most surprising uses for extra virgin olive oil.

Supports weight loss

Olive oil is a healthy type of fat that can help you lose weight. This oil helps increase your metabolism to burn more fat, while making you feel full and satisfied at the same time. In the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is used as a dressing for salads, cooked vegetables and sauces. In addition, it is even served on bread instead of butter.

Pain relief

Olive oil relieves pain

Thanks to its high oleocanthal content, olive oil acts as a  natural anti-inflammatory agent. This means that it can reduce various types of pain and ailments. One study found that regular consumption of olive oil can reduce inflammation associated with certain chronic conditions.

Prevention of cognitive impairment

Olive oil can prevent cognitive impairment

The monounsaturated fat found in olive oil can help delay or prevent the onset of cognitive impairment that has been linked to mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Prevention of diabetes

If you include olive oil in your diet, you can also help delay or prevent the onset of  type 2 diabetes. How? Olive oil helps balance the body’s levels of insulin, which reduces the risk of suffering from high blood sugar levels.

Strengthen the immune system

Olive oil strengthens the immune system

Your immune system is responsible for keeping your body free from diseases and infections that cause colds and flu. When the immune system is weakened, it is more prone to various types of diseases. The antioxidants found in extra virgin olive oil strengthen the immune system, and they are not found in any other form of oil.

Extra virgin olive oil relieves diaper rash

Olive oil is a natural, mild and safe ingredient that can soothe the symptoms of diaper rash. This ingredient relieves irritation and improves the health of the skin around the affected area.

It is a natural moisturizer

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer

To maintain healthy skin, it is important to moisturize it daily. You do this with the help of ingredients that help to both cleanse it and regenerate it. Olive oil is one of the wonderful “creams” that help preserve the skin’s elasticity, prevent premature aging. In addition, it protects the skin from sun damage. To use it, apply a few drops of olive oil on your skin, combined with the essential oil that is your favorite.

Stop smoking

Olive oil is an excellent support for anyone who wants to quit smoking. Consuming five drops of extra virgin olive oil every morning before breakfast will help you fight the effects of nicotine in your body and reduce anxiety.

Extra virgin olive oil can tame frizzy hair

Olive oil tames frizzy hair

Curly hair can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to styling and straightening it. Instead of using chemical products and gels to tame frizzy and static hair, try applying a little olive oil to shape your hairstyle. Pour a few drops in your hand and apply it to your hair.

This product can also be used as a treatment for dry hair and dry scalp, because it hydrates, seals split ends, fights dandruff, and gives hair shine.

Fights snoring

Several studies have shown that eating olive oil can reduce the annoying sleep habits that drive your partner crazy. Consume a few drops of extra virgin olive oil every night before going to bed. This natural ingredient will lubricate the muscles of the throat and prevent snoring.

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