Skin Condition Couperose: Properties And Treatments

Couperose is not exactly a disease in medical terms, but an aesthetic problem that can lead to rosacea. You should therefore consult a dermatologist as this may be the first symptom of a more serious problem.
Skin condition couperose: Properties and treatments

The skin condition couperose is a dermatological condition that can lead to rosacea or other serious problems if left untreated. Its main property is that reddish spots appear on the skin, mainly due to temperature changes. It is not a disease in medical terms, it is simply an aesthetic problem.

This condition affects women more than men and is due to both external and internal factors. It also appears more in those with light or pale skin. It is important to diagnose this problem as early as possible in order to receive proper treatment.

Skin condition couperose

A woman with flaky skin on her face

The skin condition couperose is a vascular anomaly that manifests itself mainly in the venules and arterioles. This is because they have very little elasticity. When the circulation increases sharply, the skin will turn red and remain so. The reason is that the blood vessels are not elastic and have difficulty returning to normal.

The reddish areas usually cover the cheeks, chin and nose, but they can also appear anywhere on the face or neck. Everyone is prone to this type of redness, but it is usually temporary. When it becomes permanent it may be due to couperose.

This type of skin condition has two phases. In the first, only redness in some areas of the face or neck first disappears quickly. However, they gradually become permanent. In the second phase, telangiectasias, better known as cobwebs, appear .

These look like a small red cobweb with thin lines that resemble long, thin cobwebs. They vary from being red to slightly purple and are a clear sign that you have couperose.

The origin of couperose

As we said above, this vascular anomaly is due to lack of elasticity in the blood vessels. When the little guys expand for some reason, they will remain that way without being able to contract again. They therefore become more visible through the skin, which is why a reddish area is formed.

The factors that can lead to the expansion of these little guys can also be:

  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Weather factors, such as strong winds
  • Shock or minor trauma to the skin
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Applying irritants to the face
  • Overexposure to sun or UVA lamps
  • High levels of stress or anxiety
  • Spicy meals
  • Hormone changes
  • Hypertension or diabetes
  • Use of corticosteroids

The exact cause of couperose is currently unknown. However, we know that genetics play a role. Thus, it is common for this anomaly to occur in people who have parents who have also had it.

Things to keep in mind

A before and after photo of a woman who has been treated for rosacea

The main symptom of the skin condition couperose is that reddish areas and cobwebs appear. Only on a few occasions has this been accompanied by a burning sensation or local pain. In some cases, this condition is the first stage of rosacea, another skin condition. This is especially common if it manifests itself with facial spots or pustules.

Many people have no problems after the initial phase. In any case, it is always a good idea to consult a dermatologist when the first symptoms appear. This is because it is much easier to control when you start early treatment.

Prevention is usually more effective than any treatment for dermatological problems. Since the cause of couperose is still a mystery to science,  performing a daily skincare routine where you use appropriate products for your skin type and adopting general healthy lifestyle habits is all they can recommend.

Once the condition has manifested, the treatment will depend on the severity. In general, some creams may reduce the blood supply in the affected area. However, vascular laser treatment is often much more effective.

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