Taking Everything Personally And Always Being Offended

If you live your life so that you are always offended, you will only hurt yourself. Learn to be flexible like bamboo and just join the flow of things to keep yourself from being overwhelmed.
Taking everything personally and always being offended

There are only a few people who go through life in the way that they are offended by everything. Instead of letting themselves live their lives in harmony and respect with others, they choose to “back against a wall” almost every time. Is it that the world is always against them? No. What happens is that in the subtle, yet complex world of emotions and personality, there are some who create a constant habit of being offended.

Instead of seeing these people as problems that should be avoided, we need to understand what is happening inside them.

Hypersensitivity, low self-esteem and lack of psychological resources create thought patterns that are too rigid. Any word, action or gesture is interpreted as an insult. This is where the essence of the problem lies. This individual sees problems where there are none and prejudices where they do not exist.

Some personalities see storms when the sun is shining. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Offended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

“I can not talk to you”, “You are offended by everything”, “You are impossible, you go from hurt to worse”.

If you’ve ever heard things like this before, they probably made you feel horrible. But these words carry some truth.

If the people around us have trouble communicating with us, it’s because something is not right. If they are unpleasant, or there are often problems with misunderstandings, it is important to understand why.

  • Instead of being offended and thinking “everyone hates me”, remember the importance of taking a moment to reflect deeply on the situation.
  • We have to peel back layers of the onion that surround us to know what is going on inside.

Below we will discover what happens in someone who constantly takes everything personally and feels offended.


It is your expectations that offend you, not other people

Maybe you have high expectations that do not correspond to reality. In a way, we all have an idea of ​​how we think others should act, how they should treat us, and how they should react to things.

In the first instance, we should point out that the following approaches do not fully cover every situation. Let’s see why.

  • All you need to know is how you want others to treat you. You deserve respect and must demand it. Everyone has this need.
  • What other people do is not your responsibility. Everyone is free to choose what they want and to act as they wish, as long as there is no mutual respect.
  • If we bother ourselves about how our partner behaves or what our friends do, it can only end badly for us.

To achieve peace and more inner balance, keep this in mind: do not expect anything from anyone, just set expectations for yourself.

Do not be offended all the time

The world is not against you: it is you who must harmonize with the rest of the world.

Those who live their lives by being constantly offended can be compared to a tree trunk. To understand this, consider the following:

  • Imagine that you are a tree next to an ocean. The water comes and goes. Sometimes the wind is light, and sometimes it is intense. Some days the sea caresses you, and some days it will hammer you with a  storm.
  • If you are a tree that is truly firm and strong, the oceans, waves, and elements will overwhelm you. In this situation, the strength and stiffness of the tree symbolizes our stubbornness which can be so destructive to us.
  • But if you are like the agile bamboo trees, you will sway with the wind, and even the fiercest storm will never be able to move you. It’s because you adapt, and you do not stand there like a wall, you can take a hit.

Going through life while we are constantly offended hurts ourselves the most.

  • Those who can easily be offended create mistrust.
  • If you live your life by always being offended, your loved ones will stop feeling good around you and they will start avoiding you.
  • If you are only offended when they offer kind words, you will create distance.

Love yourself a little more and stop the noise from obsessive thoughts

The world does not hate you. No one is against you. Do not look for things to be offended when there is none, and do not look for bad intentions when there is none.

  • Those who do not love themselves become demanding towards others. They are waiting, above all, for others to offer them what they do not offer others: love, respect and gratitude.
  • If we do not begin to work with ourselves on the inside, our darkest depths will continue to float until our whole reality becomes a living hell.
woman drawing

It’s just not worth it. So say no to unnecessary suffering and do not pour  gasoline on the fire. Begin by healing your wounds and giving yourself the love you need.

Only when someone loves themselves enough will the world begin to get better for them.


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