Why Is It That Some People Want To Gain Weight Faster Than Others?

While there are certain factors that make some people gain weight faster than others, other factors may change to help you lose weight.
Why is it that some people want to gain weight faster than others?

You have probably noticed that  some people eat more than others without gaining weight,  or that they eat the same amount but do not put on weight as fast or as much as others.

Today we will tell you about the causes behind these common phenomena.

Why do some people want to gain weight faster than others?

1. Genetics

Woman eats popcorn and is going to gain weight

Genetics is one of the causes of this problem, because  our genetics determine several important aspects that affect our lives.

Genetics also play a role in determining  how easy or difficult it is for our body to gain weight.

  • This is now a proven fact, because human genome experts have managed to secrete the genes responsible for the distribution and accumulation of fat.
  • The FTO gene (linked to fat mass and obesity) is found in 82% of men, which means that they have a greater tendency to put on weight, no matter how little they eat.

2. Diet

While genetics is fundamental, our diet is just as important. This is because the  diet we follow, or our diet in general, is also important in determining why we lose or gain weight.

It is true that some of the genes associated with gaining weight cause a predisposition to crave unhealthy foods. Therefore, it is necessary to be disciplined and  develop healthy habits that allow you to discern the effects of this gene.

Remember that  when you start following a healthier and fresher diet, you will feel much better. So it will be your own body that will ask you to eat healthier when it gets used to this.

Give it a try!

3. Training

Woman jogging

Of course, the amount we exercise  is another  important factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. This is because, apart from our diet, another basic aspect of determining whether someone is gaining or losing weight is the physical activity they are in.

However, you should keep in mind that exercising certain types of sports alone does not help you lose weight, but it can determine how much you gain. You should also keep in mind that the  amount of exercise needed by each person is different.

While some individuals need two hours of cycling to burn 200 calories, half an hour is enough to consume the same amount for others. Do not reward yourself with gastronomic goodies  for having done a certain amount of exercise, because it is not good for your health either.

For example, it is not advisable to eat more than usual as compensation for having done enough exercise. The only thing we will achieve by doing this is that our efforts have been in vain. Plus, it can even  end up making us gain weight.

4. Stress and lack of sleep

Both stress and  lack of sleep  can be an obstacle to staying fit. These two factors can have a direct impact on weight and cause us to gain weight.

Often,  when we are under the influence of stress, we tend to choose unhealthy foods  because we like them better and they make us feel better.

However, this is exactly what we should avoid, so that we do not continue our unhealthy lifestyle.

Loss of biological diversity in the intestine

According to various studies,  changes in the intestinal flora are associated with diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.  The composition and diversity of the intestinal flora is linked to weight gain, not only due to the amount of bacteria lost, but also due to the bacteria no longer produced.

This can happen as a result of an  inappropriate diet or excessive use of antibiotics. Why?

Changes in the intestinal flora can  cause people to generate up to 150 more calories each day, despite eating the same amount. This amount can definitely end up causing an increased tendency to gain weight.

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