Your Comfort Zone – How To Get Out Of It

It is likely that when something new happens in our lives, we will accept it. However, there are moments when we have to go outside our comfort zone.
Your comfort zone - how to get out of it

So, when was the last time you got out of your comfort zone, did things you never thought you would do and just enjoyed life?

We have all started a project, but then we realized that it might not be worth it. We realize that we are not actually serious enough about it, or we even think it is an absurd idea.

Sometimes we can start a project that is so ridiculous that there is no choice but to continue to pursue it to see where it leads us.

Believe it or not, situations like these can be a good thing. We, as humans, are able to be open to new experiences to learn from them, and this is wonderful. This is where we discover our happiness and balance.

In today’s article, we would like to think about this topic.

How to get out of your comfort zone

What begins as spontaneous and absurd

Take, for example, starting a relationship with someone who seems to be the complete opposite of us. Someone who likes other things has a different personality than us, but resembles us emotionally, lovingly and passionately. Situations like this are undoubtedly extremely intense and wonderful.

We can find happiness in the least likely places, with the most unlikely people and in the strangest of times. Each person has a personal story where you can find many of these moments.

However, there are various aspects that we need to keep in mind. Because, whether we believe it or not, there are many who are reluctant to follow the flow and to allow themselves to experience this type of moment that occurs in rare cases in their lives, which requires a number of abilities.

We will explain more below.

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The importance of following the flow

So far we have talked a lot about following the flow. Along with being in the moment and being aware of everything that is happening around us, following the current is without a doubt a way to find happiness.

  • There are times when an unexpected opportunity presents itself, but we let it slip because we do not dare to act on it because we are afraid that it is not the right decision. However, we later realize that it was a good opportunity, and eventually we feel a sense of anxiety because of all the opportunities we missed.
  • We do not suggest that you act without thinking or that you do something without maintaining your dignity. We only suggest that you are open to new experiences.

This is because it is a leap in the dark that is worth taking, but we should always prepare ourselves when we take these leaps.

To follow the current is above all to trust ourselves and understand that we need a little courage and absurdity to find our happy place.

Because we never know where certain paths may lead us

None of us know for sure which path we should take, which people we should avoid and which opportunities are best for us.

Given that nothing is clear and anything can happen in this world, why do not we take any chances?

In reality, our life cycle, identity and personal maps are woven together by every decision and mistake we make.

  • We should not forget that the best trails are always outside our comfort zone. Unfortunately, we can even spend so much time in our comfort zone that we repeat the same routines and continue to be unhappy.
  • If you find that your current environment does not make you happy, do not hesitate to go outside your comfort zone. You can control everything inside this area, but none of what you do in it satisfies you.
  • What lies outside our comfort zone can scare us, put us to the test and even seem absurd. However, all these new feelings are sometimes the best remedy for all our sorrows.
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That which begins spontaneously and becomes our whole being

Consider this example. Some suggest you make something. For example, this could be a dessert or even a garment. When you do, everyone praises you. So you decide to dedicate your life to this hobby or this craft. Then it becomes a lifestyle, or in other words your job.

  • There are times in your life when random things happen to you, and you do not pay much attention to them at first. But after a while, you realize that what has happened to you is not absurd or ridiculous.

Instead, you realize that this event or event may be the best you have experienced so far in your life.

For these things to happen, you must be vigilant and trust your instincts. This is where we find our true value: self-confidence.

Never forget this.

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